• Types of cancer

    More than 100 types of cancer develop in the various organs in the body. Cancers are described according to where in the body the cancer originated,...

  • Medical Surgery

    Medical Surgery The use of operating microscopes for surgical procedures (Plastic surgery) has greatly assisted surgeons with seemingly impossible types of surgery center such as limb reattachment and eye and ear surgery.


    WOMEN SMOKERS Women who give up smoking by the age of 30 will almost completely avoid the risks of dying early from tobacco-related diseases, according to a study of more than a million women in the UK.

Features of Five Star Hotels in Dubai

Apply to as many scholarships as you can!" This has been one of the most common recommendations for college hopefuls who need student aid to pursue their higher education. And for those of you who aren't sure of making the cut, one thing you can do is apply to as many scholarship opportunities out there as you can. By expanding your pool of scholarship providers, you boost your chances at bagging at least one scholarship to finance your education.

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Distance Learning University
Distance Learning University

Opportunities provided by distance learning university are massive. The growth and diversity of distance learning programs are creating a whole new world which only sees education as its prime objective. Gone are the days when racial and gender abuse marred education. New alliances have been formed between traditional educational institutions, foreign governments, and international organizations to offer and use distance learning.

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Western Michigan University
Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University is a major public university located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was founded in 1903, and was originally known as the Western State Normal School. With a student body of roughly 25,000 students, Western Michigan University is the 4th largest university in the State of Michigan. It's ranked by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching among the elite public institutions in the nation designated as "research universities with high research activity".

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Walking Your Way to Better Health

DM, I have a question. I currently do cardio 3-4X/week using either a treadmill and a cross-trainer (them ski-like things that work the arms and the legs) and I find that the calorie counter shows that I burn more calories using the cross-trainer rather than the treadmill.

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